Wednesday, February 3, 2016

rock relative

Well, last week we saw "grandfather rock", a few days later we met the great grandfather!

We did a trail that I haven't been to since Misty died.    

It's a short, quick trail.  Perfect for walking while you're waiting for the library down the road to open.
The sounds here were amazing!
 I've never been down there during the winter.  These photos make it look a lot colder than it was.
 Quite spectacular, but I think I prefer it without all the ice.

If you want to see more photos of  Misty on this trail, click here.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

rocks with names

We traveled up to the mountain top preserve again on Wednesday.  Still some snow up there, even though we really don't have any.

We did the Otter Creek trail...but saw no otter or creek.  Hmmmm.  I know there are otters there somewhere. I'll have to find out where they really are since my logical assumption didn't work out so well.

However, we still saw some cool stuff.  Like this huge rock which even has a name ~Grandfather Rock.

Treats please!
This place was called the "rock garden".  
And this cool place was called the "sentinels".  Of course, it was way cooler in person.

And we even came across some more boardwalks.  My favorite!

 Thanks for coming along on our walk!

Monday, January 25, 2016

early day

This is exam week for me, which means some days I get out of work a little early and other days I'm there very late.

Today was an early day, so the dogs got a trip to the nature preserve before dusk.

 When we arrived there was a woman hanging a sign at the trail head.  Her dog has been lost since Saturday.  We took a flier and promised to call if we spotted the australian shepherd.  I hope she finds her soon!
We looked and the dogs sniffed, but we didn't see any dogs.
 We did hear and see the pileated woodpecker swoosh by.  He's been quite busy!
We also saw the white tails of some deer in the distance.
 Mandatory bridge photo!
 Probably didn't need the bridge today.
 Don't jump Chewy!
Exam week means I'm officially halfway to summer break, and only three weeks until winter break!  Yippee!

Friday, January 22, 2016

pertinacious puppy

What is Chewy doing?  Doggie yoga in the kitchen?  I think this pose is called uttana shishosana, otherwise known as "puppy posture".

Nope, he's trying to get a cheerio out from under the oven.  You'll have to watch (and listen) to see if he succeeds.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

for real?

It was supposed to rain this morning, but mother nature changed her mind.  This is the most snow we've had so far this season.

It was coming down in big fat flakes.  Like the fake snow you see in the movies, but this seemed to be for real.

While us humans were in a state of denial about having to finally do some snow removal (it'll melt this afternoon, right?), Chewy knew what to do with it.