Monday, July 21, 2014

curious chewy

Chewy is starting to get really curious about water!   He was pulling me toward it this morning.
  Maybe, someday he'll decided to dip his toes?
 Does he wanna take a swim?
 Or maybe he just finds it a good place to meditate, kinda like me.  Maybe I should bring my yoga mat, and we could do some downward dogs?

Oreo bravely dealt with two people and a dog on our walk at the park this morning. No barking at all, just meatball eating, and a really quick recovery. He was a little stressed out afterward, but not manic. Ahh, magic meatballs!


A heat wave is coming in for the next few days. Since my dogs won't swim, it might be a good day to give them a bath.  Shhhhh, don't tell them.

Stay cool everybody!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

good, smart doggies

Jeff needed a hand installing our new front door.
Ta Da!

Took a lot longer than expected, and I had left the dogs alone in the backyard.  After a while, I figured I better go check on them and make sure they didn't have heat stroke.

Here's where I found them.  Both staying cool under the hammock.  If I had known, I would've put two blankets under there so they could each have one.
Good, smart doggies.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

fuzzy fellow

Chewy and I went to an agility trial wednesday night.  We didn't q either run, but we had a lot of good moments.  Chewy did 12 weaves in BOTH runs.  That was huge, because in class he never does them all. We would've q'ed our first run, but there was a flip from the dogwalk into the tunnel, and of course, he wanted to go back up the dogwalk.  Bummer.

Our second run was the same course in reverse, and I thought we were golden, but we missed a jump.  He was a little bit off for the whole run.  We didn't get much of a break between runs, and I think he was a little tired (or maybe it was me!).

There was a fellow agility person there taking photos.  She snapped this one of Chewy on the dogwalk.

Then, Chewy noticed her sitting next to the ring and ran over to her barking!  So embarrassing. I said, "Chewy!  She's taking your picture!"  and he ran back to me.  Silly boy.  He's still lacking in experience with the whole trial environment thing.  He walks in the ring and has to take a good look at everyone in and out of the ring.  Takes me forever to get his attention sometimes.  Good thing neither of us takes agility trials too seriously.

I like how she named the photo 'fuzzy fellow'.  Perfect.

Friday, July 18, 2014

mud pond preserve

On today's adventure, we went to Mud Pond Preserve.  Yet another place, 15 minutes from my house, that I've never been.  Although, this place has only been around since November, and is still expanding.

I took a risk and brought Oreo along.  There was only one car in the parking lot, so that was promising. Strangely, we never came across anyone, which was great for Oreo.   The trail isn't exactly a loop, so I'm not sure how we missed them, and their car was still there when we left.  I think we may have missed a large portion of the trail, because I read it was a 2 mile walk, and we definitely didn't walk two miles. Not sure what happened, because the trail was marked extremely well with big yellow markers every few feet. time we'll have to go right instead of left at one intersection.

They call it Mud Pond Preserve, but we came across more mud than pond!  We did hear frogs croaking the entire time though.  That was cool.

The trail was beautifully done and maintained.

There were bridges
and planks

and pretty stone walkways.

We did see the pond at the end of the trail. I'm not a pond expert, but it looked kind of swampy.  My photo came out horrible.
The pond is actually in the back of this photo (not the water up front), where you can see the sun shining.  There was a sign there saying they hope to build a viewing platform for the pond.  I bet it would be a good place to photograph pond wildlife.

I read that it is a 'rare acidic lake' and a 'peat bog' and there's a 'blueberry bog thicket'.  Not sure what that all means, but maybe you do?

Overall, we had a good time, enjoyed the 60 degree morning temps, and saw some new stuff.

Oreo did great, and even handled the parking lot with very minimal freakishness.  It may not have been as picturesque as yesterday's park, but this one felt more like a hike than a stroll, which I kind of liked. Although, I was a little concerned about running into bears!

We'll try it again sometime.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

back to the park

It was a chilly morning, and we were up early, so I thought it was the perfect time to bring Oreo to the park Chewy and I had discovered last week.

There was only one other car there when we arrived, so I had my fingers crossed for a nice relaxing walk.

Oreo did really well once we got onto the trail.  He was sniffing and exploring.

 Here's a video of Oreo enjoying the creek.

He made it through the tall grassy section with no problem.

Posed on a rock for me!

Went hunting in the tall grass.

He struggled a bit when we hit the wide open field, but some lemon mustard chicken helped him out, and we were quickly back in the woods by the creek.

 Lots of posing sessions.

He even got his toes wet.

We were headed back on our loop and had wandered off the trail a little to scope out the creek, when a man with a dog came up behind us.  Oreo saw them first and got nervous and barky.  The man was nice enough to not come any closer, so distance and meatballs helped calm Oreo down enough for us to get back to the car without him having a complete meltdown.
Good dogs.