Thursday, July 31, 2014


Yesterday, we had the reserve to ourselves again except for a couple does and a buck!  The only place I've ever seen a buck is on someone's wall.  I was pretty darn excited.  I took a video or them running through the field, but I didn't zoom in and you can barely see them.  I'll have to maintain the memory in my brain!

We had lots of rain this week, so there were some soggy spots where I had to carry Mr. Chewy.  He doesn't get his feet wet for nothin'.  It was nice to hear the little creek running under the bridge.
 I've learned to wear wellies for our walks here.  That way I can stand in the water and take photos!

My school vacation is just about half over.  It flies by so fast.  I must keep taking advantage of all this bonus time I get to spend with my dogs, and reconnect all the wires in my brain for the frenzy that is September.
Nothing helps me do that more than being in nature, especially with my dogs.

While some people get bored and antsy and power clean their house from top to bottom, I relish this quiet, peaceful downtime.
I love it when my google calendar tells me in the morning, "You have no events scheduled today."

Saturday, July 26, 2014

we got a package!

Recently, our friend Reilly celebrated his 7th birthday.  As part of his birthday bash, he generously gave away a HUGE box of sojos, and we were one of the lucky winners!
"sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff, snort"

I've always wanted to try sojos, which is a freeze dried pet food that you add water to before feeding. They seem like an excellent company with a really healthy product.  So, I was excited to give it a shot.

Just the mere opening of the box threw Chewy into a frenzy.  I even had to bribe him to go outside to play, because he didn't want to leave the box.
"can I have some NOW?"

"how about NOW?"

"Look how cute I am!  Pleeeeeeeeeeeease, can I have some NOW?"

Not only was there sojos food in every variety, but also a bag of salmon treats (my dogs love anything fishy) and some beef treats. Both of which were a big hit!

I think the sojos will come in handy after the dogs' dental appointment, in case they need to be on soft food for a few days.

And of course, Bree included the most gorgeous homemade card and a beautiful butterfly key (or leash!) holder.
Thanks so much Reilly!  We really appreciate you sharing your birthday bash with us!

"MOM!  Can we end this stupid photo shoot so we can EAT already?  This is doggie torture."

Friday, July 25, 2014

busy week

We had a lovely cold front move in this week, which perked everybody up!  Oreo was super playful yesterday.  This morning, we went for a nice hike.

The Preserve had added a trail loop this week, so we got to try it out.
We had the place all to ourselves this cars in the parking lot.

The dogs have had a very busy week.  On Wednesday they had to have fasting pre-op bloodwork done, because they are going to have their teeth cleaned soon.  Tuesday night, we had an agility trial in the super hot weather.  Chewy hardly wanted to move.  But he was a trooper and played along.  Luckily, it wore both dogs out, and they slept in real late on Wednesday.  They definitely were not happy about not getting breakfast, but at least they weren't staring at me for three hours while we waited for our appointment.  I've never had a vet request fasting bloodwork before.  I think it was harder on Jeff than the dogs, because Jeff loves to give them cheerios in the morning.

Happy weekend everyone!  My hammock is calling me....